Facilities Committee

Christ the King Lutheran Church

The committee is made up of several members who meet periodically to discuss what needs to be done in the way of cleanup, maintenance, inventories, and any other concerns involving the property of Christ the King.
The members include; Pastor and Bob Hawkins, Sandy Vassallo-Facilitator and Council Liaison, Ara Adams, Bobby Lockwood, Jay Morris, Laurie Morris, Jim Nettles, Bobby Peacock, Nancy Peacock, Bud Roberts, Kathie Roberts, Greg Stone, and Ron White.

The Committee has formed an action list and met to divide the duties among members.  The action list includes;

  • Weekly trash pick-up and ant hill treatment-Bobby Lockwood
  • Trash can replacement after Monday pick-up-Sandy Vassallo to rotate with Jay and Laurie Morris when needed
  • Monthly light bulb check and replacement-Ron White
  • Monthly paper product/soap inventory-Greg Stone
  • Repair cracks in blacktop-Ron White, Bud Roberts, Kathie Roberts
  • Rose Keepers-Jay Morris, Laurie Morris, Greg Stone, Bob Hawkins
  • Supply purchase/pick-up from Quaker Chemical-Pastor Hawkins
  • H/VAC filter maintenance (Holy Week)-Jim Nettles
  • Crape Myrtle pruning (Holy Week)-Bud Roberts, Bobbie Lockwood, Bobby Peacock
  • Safety Manuals regarding chemicals-Pastor Hawkins, Ron White
  • Determine landlord's name for Patterson apartments-Pastor Hawkins

Holy Communion 10:00 AM
2nd Sunday
2nd Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM
4th Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM
2nd Tuesday
Council Meeting 6:30 PM

Christ The King
Lutheran Church

7239 Patterson Rd
Columbia, SC 29209 

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